Where do we go ?

We are placed here aimlessly.

Probing the grounds in hopes to find a sanctuary , that’ll allow us to relinquish all the

Demons we are never able to share with anyone but ourselves.

Finding courage at the end of every bottle,

And yet we are still too weak to speak.

So we scream, in pain, in agony, in love, in confusion.

We Scream.

And we cling.

To each other.

To others.

Swinging from body to body, collecting the debris off of everyones soul we come across.

Be careful not to lose yourself in the process.

Be careful not to become too tender.

Exhausting your body, crying out rivers.

With the hopes that centuries from now, that some how this pain will be remembered.

And hindered, from being passed down to our babies as heirlooms, because our mind

were stripped from our bodies too soon.

And we were only placed here aimlessly.

Probing the grounds with the hopes of finding a sanctuary.



“Although derived in you, your resilience now emerges threw my very being.”

It is the women in me who can’t be named,

The women who has been manifested into my being since birth,

The women who have  come unarmed;

That keeps my body going on days my mind can’t seem to stop tearing me down.

Their spirits are fluorescent beams,

Causing my skin to glow,

And forcing my mind to know.

That I am to be valued on days that I don’t think I can fly.




My bones speak my truth.

With all the emotional wears and tears I had to endure in my past life,

my bones are now engraved with memories and trauma of both my mental, and

physical reaction to pain, sorrow, and sacrifice.

As I delve deeper into my being, 

As I try to become one with my body,

Each one of my bones teaches me a new lesson about myself.

  1. I am not weak.
  2. I am not crazy.
  3. None of my pain was an illusion.

The Sexuationship…

” Self love is the highest form of love you can receive, preparing your mind and body to risk it self on love is essential if you plan on maintaing or leaving a relationship. So here is some advice don’t get caught up” – Ajahneik J.

I had ensconced my heart behind my past experiences. I refused to discuss it, I eluded conversations about it. I even avoided writing about it, introducing myself to it, And especially allowing myself to consume it. I just couldn’t allow myself to go there all over again. I fall too hard. I crave humans too deeply, I turn them into homes, and I reside inside of them (figuratively of course) by observing their minds, their personality traits, and all the finicky little characteristics that makes them , them. And I have fixated on being this way (with whom ever I have decided to love) for so long that I’ve mastered how to love one person in a million ways. Continue reading “The Sexuationship…”